Aatish band

Aatish band is a New Delhi based band who love to cover the genres like Bollywood, rock, sufi.. Each member of the band is a very fine artist and even more awesome with his band Aatish.

A&B Band

A duo currently in Delhi, MAD for Music. A&B is a duo set up based out of the capital city New Delhi who loves to play the genres like Bollywood and Sufi music. They have covered many bollywood songs old and new in their own touch. Looking forward for collaborations.

6ix MHz

6ix MHz (Six Megahertz) is a six piece Hindi Rock band from the capital,working to make music which can inspire and rock the masses. Having three years of rich experience in playing for many big pubs, clubs, corporate companies and Colleges in and around NCR. They are sure to make your time with them memorable and rocking.


As the name says itself. Fire, but not exactly the fire we all know. Its the Fire of Music and Self Conscience. They believe in Spreading the Fire of Music in Everyone's Heart. And through Music Spreading Happiness all Around. Because its all about Being Happy after all. People Work Hard to get every bit of Happiness they deserve and "Aanch" believes in Spreading Happiness in everyone's Heart and Mind.

Aarlon India

Aarlon is an Indian metalcore/rock band based in New Delhi, India. Formed in 2016, it is one of the few Indian bands trying to break all stereotypes related to metal in India by communicating to masses through Hindi music.

Abhiyan Singh

Abhiyan is a singer and the lead vocalist of a Meeruth based band GOONJ. He has performed at many stages as a solo artist as well as with his band and plays the genres like sufi, punjabi, bollywood.


Agastya is the name of a Delhi based rock band. Agastya was a rishi muni who was in search of God. Thus Agastya has a motive to search Godliness through music. Since its foundation in August 2010, it has grown to be named among the sufi rock bands of Delhi. While performing covers the solos, the rhythm patterns and almost everything has a new touch and a feel. They as a music band always try to attach something new to their music.

Abhiyshek Sharma

Abhiyshek Sharma is a talented singer and also the lead vocalist of Samay the band. He is taking his music classes since his childhood days and his vocals can catter you to any mood, anywhere, anytime.

Aaveg Group

Mission: To build a strong viewer base by delivering excellent quality of music. Vision: Never compromise on quality and expand into different horizons of music. These guys will make you enjoy a lot of cover songs, self compositions(Aaveg Group) and frequent guitar covers of new release. Just one thing.. Aaveg group is quite passionate about music and thats what Aaveg stands for.

Akash Yadav

Akash yadav is a budding musician bsed out of the capital city New Delhi. He is also the lead vocalist of the band slides who play the genres like rock, sufi rock, etc.


Alakh is a fusion group of the music of apiece states of India. All the members of the band were reside in different states of India. All were classmates at same college. After completing the degree they got involved in their musical profession and started working seperately but were in contact with each other. After 7-8 years of working individually, they decided to work together and founded ALAKH.


Akhil is potentially an awesome vocalist who represents the band Ved from Delhi, NCR. He is yound but much experienced singer and guitarist known for his acoustic acts.

Almost Famous Goa

“ ALMOST FAMOUS “ is a four piece band from Goa. Their music is unique and blend of progressive Rock, Rock, Reggae and Blues. The band members are specialised in Rock and Reggae.

Akash Tiwari

Akash is an Engineer by default...A Singer by passion...A Poet by choice...A Lyricist by interest..A Dreamer by thoughts... and still exploring himself in this world to mark his presence. He is a talented vocalist and guitarist who has done seeveral gigs till date.


Anhad : The band is based in Delhi, India. Famous for their "multi-genre" attribute, Anhad plays Sufi, Rock, Bollywood Medleys, Vintage songs from the 80's and anything that sounds good. And if it doesn't, they make it sound good. Putting their heart where their will is, this band has got an excellent hand in superb onstage coordination.

Alankrita Bari

Alankrita''s soul aim is to provide deconstructed music, without compromising on the quality! Alankrita Bari is a professional singer based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. She has been singing for a very long time now. Alankrita is studying in LSR. She gave her Grade 8 from Trinity in 2012. She loves to sing and be on stage; Alankrita is also very good with people. Alankrita have been a part of the music scene for more than five years now.

Audio Cassette

A budding singer Pooja Sharma with a fresh voice and outlook towards music, and who is ready to take the indie scene by storm; sings popular covers and original music. Now a days she is performing on stages with her band members by the name Audio Cassette.

All India Permit

All India Permit is a six member outfit that delves into the Retro, Pop, Bollywood and Sufi genres of music to produce a unique sound that transcends the limit of thought. The amalgamation of musicians from different bands in Delhi gathered together and decided to add a little icing in the structures to existing music, the main purpose being, to provide the audiences with a little more zing to what they are used to listening to.

Arun Upadhyay

Arun Upadhyay is a talented singer and lead vocalist of the band Ruhaan The Band, one of the best sufi rock band based in Delhi. He has his interest in music since his childhood and he never stopped following his heart.

Anjali Shanbhogue

Anjali Sanbhogue is a saxophone player from Bangalore. She covers various genre like bollywood and western. With some talented individuals now she has also formed his band name Anjali project. One just cann't ignore theirr music if listening to them live.


Founded in 2016, Bhadraksh means "one with beautiful eyes". Bhadraksh is a sufi rock band based in New Delhi. It has currently three memebers in a band. Ravi dhiman (vocalist), kanishk Sablania (guitarist) and Naman Sharma (vocalist, percussionist) who has performed together at various events, cafes and parties together.

Arz- A musical call

Arzz... is always ready to take on any kind of stages, anywhere. They assure you that they will always be committed towards you and Cater to all your entertainment needs. Their Live performance will be second to none. You name it and they will beat it, that’s their Passion.

Chahat & Saurav Project

Saurav is a great vocalist, his singing is as colourful as colours in Rainbow.he has natural god gifted singing.which he has worshiped on classical music since childhood. now with 'CHAHAT KAKKAR' who is a Performer, MUSIC Composer/Producer/Arranger & SOUND Recordist/Mixer/Engineer, are entertaining the masses. The Duo has a great sync of Music between them.


Name Pronunciation : AA - VAR - TAN 'AVARTAN' Is an Alternative-Rock Band Formed In 2012 Plays a Fusion Flavored Music Fusing Different Genres Like Pop, Rock, Alternative, Acoustic/Unplugged, Semi-Classical & also Bollywood Covers, creating experimental Style & Sound. The Band is currently known for its Sufi live performances and Bollywood Covers.

Bharat Dixit

Bharat Dixit is a solo artist and the lead vocalist of the band A&B. He is a soulful artist and well known for his awesome stage acts.

BeRose Guys

the name 'BeRoseGuys' came when they felt the vibe of the nation that has about 64% of its population - young, educated, full of energy & constantly in search of opportunities which they often don't get. The music they play resonates the same vibe - its full of love, memories, happiness, aspirations, hopes & dreams & also very often some frustrations of the youth - musically they try to retain their flavor as they all come from different musical sensibilities & tastes.

AV Brothers

This is a setup formed by Akshay and Vikas. They both share a common interest that is Music. A V Brothers loves to cover the genres like Sufi and Bollywood and they are a full band based out of the capital City New Delhi where they have done hundreds of gigs till date.

Deedar The Band

Deedar The Band is a four piece rock band based in the capital city of India. Deedar the band is a sufi rock band formed by some budding musicians in New Delhi. They as a music band always try to attach something new to their music and entertain the audience.

Beat Route Jam

Beat route jam is a band of like minded young musicians who are in the music scene for just one reason and that is THEIR NEVER DYING PASSION FOR MUSIC. Even though each member is influenced by a different genre of music,when the band plays together the fusion of each members influence gives BRJ its unique sound.

Dj Aanya

DJ Aanya is a professionally trained DJ who started her career in 2014. Her focus remains upon technicality and understanding the crowd's need which makes her promising and dynamic at the same time. She plays genres like ambient, deep house, tech house, tropical house, minimal, nu disco, trap, big-room, electronic, house, progressive, trance, and commercial.

Dj Nikhil Attri

A versatile musician, producer and a DJ who loves to experiment with different sounds and artists, and is always looking for an opportunity to play!

Chandra Bhanu

Chandra Bhanu is a promising vocalist with specialization in bollywood and sufi singing. With several performance in Mumbai the performer has moved to Delhi to mark his presence in the city. He now has formed his own band as Chandra Bhanu project. with some passionate musicians to entertain the masses with his soothing voice

Break Free

The members of this band are members of the youth for christ group. They have their own music ministry with many talented musicians. So, they believe that, God has gifted them with so many beautiful talents and calls them to use those talents to proclaim his kingdom. Hence, " BREAK FREE" a gospel band formed by soldiers in God Little army.

Bobby Pathak

Bobby Pathak is a seasoned percussionist who has been perfecting his skills over time. Bobby has performed with a number of artists, and has experience with a wide range of genres.

Caesars Of The Green

Caesars of the Green is an indie rock band. Formed in the fall of 2011 in New Delhi, the band currently consists of Sidharth Malik (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Manish Kestwal(lead guitar) Tushar Mohan(bass guitar), Siddharth Kaushik (drums, percussion).

Debu Mukherji

Debu has now established himself in Delhi as an eminent bollywood singer of old melodies. He has done several conceptualized shows with big banners like Sangeet Smriti, Global Cultural Foundation, Malhar Sangeet Kala Kendra etc. He has also mastered the art of singing with karaoke tracks and coaches new and old generations in singing of film music.

Digvijay Pariyar with Indo Fuzon

Digvijay Singh Pariyar (born February 24, 1993) is an Indian musician and singer. Mostly known for his Bollywood Hindi Film songs , sufi, semi-classical, classical, and folk. He plays with his band Indo Fuzon to rock the masses and entertain the audience.


Dastaan is a Band that creates magical stories through its mesmerizing Music. We aim at entertaining people through our irresistably melodious compositions.

Dhruv Sharma

Dhruv is an artist who has studied and performed music almost his entire life and across genres, he is a fine vocalist and guitarist from New Delhi.


Crayonn is a Delhi based “Latin Blues band” formed in February 2016. The band is comprised of 3 very uniquely experienced and talented musicians. The band’s singing is inspired from the bands like Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Coldplay.

Dev Bhardwaj Collectives

Dev Bhardwaj Collectives- A Band by Dev, is a gem of all time genres in Indiana stream, Sufi , commercial, Retro , classical , Rock & fusion. What started as mere jam session in small closed rooms turned out to be giant gigs on the stage when thousands came cheering for a young, enthusiastic and energetic band.

Dj Anuj

Dj Anuj is a Talented DJ artist from the city Mumbai, whose dynamic performances and booming music are exhilarating. His love for EDM can be seen on the stage clearly; as the party gets louder, his music gets better and the vibe gets hotter!Talented DJ artist whose dynamic performances and booming music are exhilarating.

DJ Ruddy

Dj Ruddy is a Disk Jockey and Music Producer, he born and brought up in Delhi and laid his first stone in the direction of DJing in the vicinity of exceptionally young age, in the year of 2011 during his senior high school days. He is smitten with proficiency in Electronic Dance Music, Trap, and Hip-Hop followed by Bass Heavy music.


Estonia is a Goa's own live band group formed by talented and expirenced musicians from goa. Band estonia performs for all events with a unique class in music. They covers all the genres in their music and entertains the masses.

Fitoor The Band

A 6 piece Sufi rock genre band playing Sufi Punjabi, Hindi, Bollywood songs believing in creating n' presenting best music to its lovely fans !! They believe in creating and presenting best music. So, listen to their songs, which represent them in better manner.

Gaurav K Bawara

Gaurav is a percussionist and performer from the capital city New Delhi. Covering the genres like bollywood, sufi he has performed at many live music venues.

Harpreet Deol

Harpreet Deol is a famous singer from Ludhiana whose soulful voice has led him to many known platforms like Sa re ga ma pa, in recent years he has formed his band called Harpreet Deol Project covering the genres like Sufi, Bollywood.

Horizon Shades

Horizon Shades is a five piece band based in Goa .They perform songs like bollywood, sufi, commercial and mainstream English. Members are young and enthusiastic for their work.

Illuxion Of Death

Their style can be considered a mixture of rock, metal, country and folk music. However the band announced an extended hiatus on 17th of September, 2006 to work on individual project or bands.


Since he always had a passion for music, Kabir decided to pursue it as a career; he is an exclusive DJ of Radio Mirchi 93.5 FM Kabir is a professional DJ based out of the capital of India, New Delhi. He began DJing in 2010. As time passed by, Kabir started playing his original compositions, thus gaining popularity and proving himself. He is an exclusive DJ of Radio Mirchi 93.5 FM. He is well known for his nu disco, deep house, progressive, Dutch house, Bollywood, and techno sets.

Dj Rdg

Dj Rohit De Guru is known as DJ Rdg to his crowd. Dj Rdg has proved himself to be a success story within the DJ industry. He is a full-time professional dj and a successful club DJ. Interests poured in, everything looked dry except for music & hence forth DJ Rdg started DJing in his early teens. Soon with the skills accumulated, it was time to leave some hand prints in the Industry. Currently he is one of the most popular Djs in Chandigarh.

Electric Pulse

Based in Goa, Electric Pulse is made up of the cream of Rock and Roll musicians from around the country. They want to be different and then there’s Electric Pulse! Here is a band who begs to differ, a band whose only difference, is that they claim to NOT be different! Electric pulse is true to the origins of Hard Rock and that is how they are different from all the other bands of their time.

Fariyad The Fusion Band

PARAS JETLY is a young sensation who is at the helm of the Band ‘Fariyaad’ is a star in the making. With a refreshing voice and innovating some powerful fusions. Paras showcased his capability on the silver screen where he contested in the competition VOICE OF INDIA, where he was a part of Benny Dayal’s Team and was coached by the star Benny Dayal himself. Paras has also featured in various live sessions with Fariyaad at Radio stations like 94.3 MyFM, Big 92.7FM. Paras has been creating waves with his voice wherever he goes


Dj Pia is one of a finest Multi-Talented & First Indian Female DJ, Singer, Lyricist and Composer and that's not all, she also possess Live Lyrics During Shows. She is a versatile singer & DJ in every genre. She is a Bachelor Degree Holder in Music, Vocal, Western Classical from India's most renowned Institute named as PRAYAG SANGIT SAMITI.

DJ Vik

There are some people who just listen to music, but there are some creatures that they live, eat and die on music. Dee J Vik (vivek lamba ) was born in chandigarh on 13th of feb and he always had a real passion of music. As a teenager he started collecting every kind of music stuffs and after finishing secondary school his DJ adventure began, as he started spinning at his friends birthdays, private event & party. Djing has always been a passion for him.

Fusion Trix

Fusion Trix is outstanding for on stage works modification in almost all the patterns and style of music. FUSION TRIX has wide variety of musical pattern such as rock, pop, alternative rock, Progressive rock, fusion,Indian classical, semi classical, Gazals and a wide collection of Instrumental solo's. Theband is available for events and functions all over india and abroad.

Destiny Driven

The Destiny Driven is a Chandigarh based Metal band, was formed in the year 2013 and in a span of three years, they have done over 50 gigs all over India, including in states like Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. They have also played at the Mental Omega that happens in Jalandhar every year.

Dj Aarchie

Dj aarchie is a versatile performer who plays music across all genres but her forte is bollywood and English commercial numbers. Her dream is to make the world spin. She is a talented Dj, composer and producer based out of the capital city Delhi.

Indo Fuzon Band

Indo Fuzon is a chandigarh based band who covers the genres like Sufi Rock an Indie Pop. They are a five piece Sufi Rock band and well known for their explosive live acts they have performed in many cities around the country.

Dj Nikom

DJ Nikom is a Dj and Sound Engineer at Peddlers. He had Worked at Studio 91, and studied at Chandigarh Baptist School and graduated at PUCIT - Punjab University College of Information Technology. He plays all types of genres and known as a versatile dj of Chandigarh.

Dj Stuti

Dj Stuti is a Dj and anchor for last 10 years and plays genres like Bollywood, House, techno, pop, trap. She is born and raised in the capital city New Delhi and also been in a TV series for a while. She has been in the music industry since many years and had performed in various cities of the country.

Joginder Sharma

Joginder Sharma is a Delhi-based cellist and saxophonist; he has more than 33 years of experience and special grade artist of the Cine Musicians Association! Joginer’s passion for music was nurtured by his father and later by Late Pandit Sitaram. However, it was instrumental music, which really drew out the musician in him. Beginning with the Chandra Sarang and esraj under his father's guidance, Joginder took over the cello, which he mastered under the guidance of Late George Lester, leading cellist of the film industry, and Parvez Doctor of BP Music Ensemble in Mumbai.

Euphony by Tanushka Bhatt

When lyrics become dreams and music becomes an escape, She'd take you in to the world she will create. Who is she, you may ask? Well, this is Tanushka Bhatt. Together she'll trace up the journey of a young delhite, with untold stories in her heart. And here is where little strokes of melody are sprinkled with ecstacy.

DJ Chetan

Dj Chetan is born and raised in Delhi, India. He started to be interested in Music at early age. He initiated his first music lessons when he was going to secondary school. By the time he got graduated from high school he had done countless gigs across different state, he started professionally and performed live in clubs and pubs.

Dj Raavas

RAAVAS is the project of Kuniya Sagar who is a versatile Dj from Mumbai, Maharastra. He works in his studio , transforming his inspiration and dreams into music and used to play at various pubs and cafes regularly.


“ Ektal” is a 6-piece band of music enthusiasts. Their sound is an echo of present India. They have genres like Fusion, Sufi, Techno fusion, Alternative rock, NuMetal in their set list of songs which are bollywood covers and their original composition too. Their sound is an echo of present India, modern while being in touch with their roots.


Kitchensink has been performing since 2013 and has steadily gained the reputation of being a refreshingly original and sought-after voice in the burgeoning independent music circuit of New Delhi, India. Featuring some of the finest session-musicians in the city, Kitchensink writes songs in which reflective and deeply personal lyrics meet with the inclusive and improvisatory nature of jazz. The repertoire of the band is primarily original material, and further features innovative arrangements of Jazz, R&B and Soul tunes.

Mayank Varma

Mayank is a singer, based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. In the past few years, apart from his solo gigs, Mayank has also covered the songs of many Bollywood artists like Kailash Kher, Gurdas Maan, Harshdeep Kaur, Satinder Sartaaj, etc. Mayank fuses different genres in such a way that everybody in the audience falls in love with it.

Fankaar The Band

Emerging Band which loves to play old songs and make a new rendition. They have four members in their band.1vocalist,1drummer and 2guitarist. Fankaar is a band based out of the capital city New Delhi, and play the genres like bollywood, sufi.

Friedhof Souls

Friedhof Souls got amazing response after performance at junoon and continued it's journey by performing in various institutions throughout. They perform fusions of classical with rock & rap while preserving the core essence. On aggressive note there's a whole different picture to expirience always.

Faizan Shakeel

Faizan Shakeel is a great solo performer and guitarist from Delhi, NCR. He has been singing and composing his music since an early age. He is a fine solo artist, singing in events, college fests, pubs and cafe.

Free Man's World

From the band Free Man's World, Sumit is a child prodigy turned jazz, blues and soul singer/songwriter who is heavily inspired by the vocal stylings of Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone. He recently spoke and performed at TEDxGateway 2016 at The National Center for the Performing Arts in Mumbai. Influences have ranged greatly from Jazz, Blues, Indie, Rock n Roll, Alt. Rock, Soul, Pop...

Haqiqat The Band

Haqiqat is a fusion rock band based in the city Chandigarh. They are a four piece band covering the genres like Indie rock, classical, sufi, fusion and folk and are known for soft and energetic live acts and classical music.

Horizon Goa

The band HORIZON was formed in August 2003. They are a five piece band which includes Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Bass guitar, Keyboard, Drums and they perform the genres like western, bollywood & Indie. The band HORIZON has also performed in many other big and small events in and around Goa.


The band's music is their greatest weapon and identity, by which they promote peace and harmony in the world. Ilahi is a LIVE band based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. The songs that are composed are meant to bring peace and harmony. Music has become Ilahi's very identity. Classical and Sufi genres are explored as well. Being a multi-genre band, the members are extremely talented and versatile.

Indie Trigg

Indie Trigg is an experimental & fusion band.. Each of the members comes from a different style & genre of music.. They have put together their heads to create a sound unique to its very being.. Blending elements of jazz, blues & indian classical music..

Jazz Goa

Jazz Goa is a goan band based in the city Goa. They play the genres like jazz and Bues and one can notice their enthusiasm for music in their live acts.


HashTrixx and Kexplode,.they both used to be the individual artist till 2016 but in 2017 they did a collaboration as a duo group in Music Production as well as in Djing too .Together they performed at New Year in the Cosmos Mall which is a charity Show and was one of the hit show.After this on the second sunday of the Jan 2017 they did another show atAYMUN (Agra Youth Model United Nation ) which was an incredible show and they are already booked for the second version of it. They together did only two shows but individually there working in this profession from last 4-5 years. that is the reason they both colaborated.

Mausiqaar Band

Mausiqaar is a five piece Delhi based Indian Classical and Sufi Fusion band formed in the year 2011. A Blend of Hindustani Melodies and rhythms with Western Harmonic sensiblities, is what makes their music unique and one of it's kind. Music though has varied forms, is universal in nature, thus they keep pushing boundaries, exploring new ways of expression. The band draws influence from various legendary artists including Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Zakir Hussain, Scorpions, Tribal Tech etc.


Hamsa came into existence when few passionate guys sharing a common love for soulful music got together and started jamming. With time, the jam sessions became more frequent and the musical bonding became stronger among the members. The band derives its name from a Sanskrit word "HAMSA" which is an aquatic bird representing perfect union, balance and life. The band is influenced by Alternative, Sufi, Rock, Indie-pop, Indian classical & Bollywood commercial music

Himalayan Routs

Himalayan Routes was formed in Shimla in March 2012. We began our journey at the Rock Invasion Fest in Shimla & slowly garnered an underground following performing small- scale gigs at multiple venues across Shimla, culminating with a move to Delhi by the end of the year.


Ikrah is a Delhi based Hindi rock band formed in May 2015.The band aims to reach out to the mass with soulful and inspiring music.


Govind is a talented percussionist based out of the capiyal city New Delhi. Govind who still graduating has his own band named Govind Project. They cover the genres like bollywood and western and with his band he has won numerous college competitions as well.


Harshit is fine artist, he has a great rythm sectcion on drums, he has a great collecton of beats also he can play indian classical instrumet called Tabla. He is the heart beat of the band Catalyst.


Ignia is a rock band based in the capital city New Delhi, they also covers the genres like punk rock, hard rock and metal. They are a group of Artists passionate about creating good music and entertain the masses.


Mridang is a music band based in Chandigarh, they perform the genres like Bollywood, Sufi and Classical Rock. They are a group of people who are passionate about music and want to share their love for the same.

Indeep Bakshi

Indeep Bakshi, a Delhi based singer once sang the song ‘Saturday Saturday’ which was loved by the youth and was a great success. It is a vibrant, colourful and peppy track that is a passionate outcome of the whole team's hardwork. He never knew that his song would be so popular that it would make its way big and even bigger. It was only by chance that Karan Johar was looking for a peppy number for his movie and he heard Indeep’s song thus decided to include it in his movie ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ Solo Celebrity Perfromer

Naim Shah

Naim Shah is an International Pro Saxophone Solo Performer, Musicians, Professional and Freelance Saxophone Player. He also works as Saxophone Solo Performer and got associated with many event companies. He is an international Pro Saxophonist at Alto Music. Naim Shah had been a student at Trinity College London during 2011-14.

Ioish The Band

Influences have ranged greatly from Bluegrass, Blues, Indie, Rock n Roll, Alt. Rock, Soul, Pop... The band has played various venues, and tried to keep blues and rock alive... Let's sway and make way for feelings...!! Ioish is an rock band based out of the capital city New Delhi.

Nomadic Jam

Nomadic Jam is a Hard/Alt/Prog Hindi Rock band. We believe in original music. Expect a crazy energetic stage act. you will listen to an amalgamation of multiple genres of music in our compositions.

Karma Kartel

Karma is a Delhi and Mumbai based band, best known for their high-energy music and scintillating performances. They are a multi genre band equipped with various talented individual as members of the band, they are just awesome in their business.

Paras Jatley

PARAS JETLY is a young sensation and is a star in the making. With a refreshing voice and innovating some powerful fusions. Paras showcased his capability on the silver screen where he contested in the competition VOICE OF INDIA, where he was a part of Benny Dayal’s Team and was coached by the star Benny Dayal himself. Paras has also featured in various live sessions with Fariyaad at Radio stations like 94.3 MyFM, Big 92.7FM. Paras has been creating waves with his voice wherever he goes

Pramaan The band

Pramaan is a Multi genre band from New Delhi, India. The group started in the winter of 2016, hell bent on bringing djent to their hometown.Pramaan features layered harmonies and leads with crushing riffage and a tight rhythm section focused on "djently" outlining the patterns and meters that keep their songs moving.

Raghav with a Vibe

Raghav is 21 years old guy from Delhi. Being music as his family background, he has been learning music for last 12 years now. He also has been teaching western guitar and western voice at Blue Bells Model School, Gurgaon and playing gigs all over Delhi at places like My Bar, Gurgaon Boombox Café, Gurgaon LSD, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi Take of Scarlett, Pashchim Vihar, New Delhi Echoes, Satya Niketan, New Delhi Tabula Beach Café


Ret, a chandigarh based indian pop band was founded in 2014 by Pawan Bhatt and Pawandeep Rajan. The name twins worked magic with their skills and in no time they became the talk of the town. Pawandeep Rajan went to mumbai in the 2015 winters for The Voice India and emerged as the first ever winner of The VOICE INDIA.

Ritwija Sinha

Ritwija was part of the top 40 finalist in Indian Idol 2016 edition. She is the lead vocalist of the band MOIRA and can cater your mood to bollywood, commercial, sufi and punjabi genres at anytime, anywhere.

Rudra The Band

The Band is made to show the world a different taste of music n its own uniqueness. Its we - 'The Rudra's'.

Saif Faheem

Saif is the lead vocalist, guitarist and music composer for Aatish band based in the city Delhi. He is a very fine vocalist and even more awesome with his band Aatish. He also works as a free lancer and have composed for local Advertizement.

Satyam Dubey

Satyam is a singer and guitarist from Delhi, NCR. He is a very good artist with awesome vocals.

Sherwin Collective

Shervin Collective is the duo band of Shervin william who is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Strings and Karma based in New Delhi. They are just awesome with their acoustic acts.


Sivana is a Delhi based experimental trio/band. A combination of seasoned musicians from different musical backgrounds who have come together with a unique approach to music. Playing genres like Bollywood, Retro, Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Progressive music with a percussive acoustic approach. Sivana, meaning oasis of enlightenment, calm and happy which is exactly what their music intends to make you feel.

Spill 45

Their band has 2 people with a guitarist and a percussionist cum singer cum DJ, who likes to create music and do fusion with all that they have. They love to perfrom a soothing yet memorable perfromances. They are a duo setup based out of New Delhi.


Moira is a greek work which means fate or destiny! #believers With lead vocalist-ritwija, lead guitarist and backing vocals-joseph oscar topno and on drums karan singh they are coming to rule the world with their music.

Muzaffer Ali

Muzaffer Ali is a Delhi-based singer and songwriter. He started playing the guitar and singing from the age of 11. Later on, after singing for a few competitions, in 2015 he started singing professionally and performed at various clubs and five-star restaurants all over Delhi like Q’la, Mehrauli, I – Kandy, Latest Recipe, Zu Tisch, The Roost, Indian Palate Fest and much more. His original song, No More Tears, was featured in HeForShe Event by United Nations held in Delhi University in 2015.

Nirvaan Band

Nirvaan was formed in the spring of 2010, on the rooſtops of then budding musician Nihal Kamboj. the band features the music which is in our ethnic taste with a fusion of various elements like progressive, Metal, jazz, rock, metal and experimental music

Pahadi Jordan

Pahadi Jordan is a fine vocalist and guitarist from Uttarakhand. He is well known for his awesome solo act. He is a talented musician who loves to cover the genres like Bollywood.


Phoenix is a six piece band based in Goa who performs Bollywood, Hindi, world music. Members are Rahul (Rhythm & Vocals), Jespo (Lead & Vocals), Jason (Bass & Vocals), Sid (Drums & Vocals), Olavo (keys & Vocals), Alita (Vocals).

Raghav Raja

Raghav Raja is a potentially talented percussionist based out of the capital city New Delhi. He can play drums, tabla and many percussion with ease covering genres like sufi, folk, sufi rock and bollywood. He is a multi-genre percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

Rangreza The Band

Rangreza means " Colours that define you ". A Delhi based experimental Hindi Rock band formed in November 2015 is the winner of HT Friday Jam 3. The band believes in celebrating every colour of life with there version of music. With a unique combination of both explosive as well as soothing hit numbers in their arsenal, the band has the ability to rock the stage.

Rishi Grover Project

They are a Fusion band that blends Peppy and Soulful music with their own variations and style to create a wonderful experience for their audience. Entertaining people is their prime motive, in which we usually excel. Our uniqueness is our choice of song selection that are rarely played by other bands/groups.

Rotten Guitars

Rotten Guitars is a Delhi based sufi, bollywood rock band. The members are much talented who love to cover the genres like rock and sufi and also got awarded by many famous firms. The guitarist had won Delhi Best Guitarist by AAJ KI DELHI Magazine in 2013 and the band also got awarded as the Best Rising Band by Aaj ki Delhi in 2015. Awarded by Rotary club, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Aaj ki Delhi Magazine, IIFT (International institute of Fashion Technology)

M. S. Nizami Brothers

Sufi MS Nizami Brothers is a sufi and qawwali group of two brothers Mohsin Zafar & Salman Zafar. The MS Nizami Brothers belong to a family that are the descendants of court singers of Sufi-saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya for several centuries. They have trained under classical gurus of qawwali and famous qawwali artist Hamsar Hayat Nizami. They are rising artists and performing in cultural events all over India. They are famous as “Sufi MS Nizami Brothers”.

Mohd Amir

Mohd Amir is a popular singer and composer from Delhi, NCR. He is an awesome solo artist and guitarist and used to experiment with his guitars and vocals.

Mukul & Shenjit

Two acoustic guitars, crazy ideas, and a passion for music unite them. Starting off in the same school as band members of the school band, they both developed an amazing sync that was difficult to find in their other endeavors. After a bit of struggle and inactivity, they both decided to start an acoustic duo with the sole aim of providing deconstructed music, yet not compromise on the quality.

Naushad Warsi

Naushad''s skills are at par with some of the best in the country; he understands the audience and can capture the feel of the event with his music. Naushad Warsi is a professional violinist based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. Naushad has been performing for more than ten years now and have played at various stages. Naushad has performed with many leading bands and Djs of the country like Musikafe, Sparkles, etc

Sahar Band

Sahar is a New Delhi based band formed by a talented percussionist name Saurabh Pandey. Every member of the band have over ten years of expirience of performing or listing music and are merely talented individuals.


Netyam is a Dj duo formed by Dj Taran Gill. They are a Delhi based setup who loves to play EDM, Trance, Club House. Taran Gil is a frofessional Dj and has been into Delhi music scence from pas 10 years and now formed his own duo setup to rock the croud in masses.

Sarvagya The Band

Sarvagya is an emerging live music band from Delhi. They are performing since many years and their lead singer Rainit Singh aspires to become a recording artist and entertainer. They are a four piece band who plays genres like Bollywood fusion, Sufi,and Western, the Band was founded in 2016 and they are here to spread love.


Forefront made their debut in the year1991 and till date they have been rocking every party with a difference. The success story of forefront lies in their choice of music and a strong stage presence.the band has clocked over 2000 shows with events such as corporate parties, weddings, dances, concerts and festivals.

Goonj Band

Goonj is alternative rock band with an experience of more than 3 years. from the city of meerut. thy are now set to rule the stages of Delhi NCR.

Harsh Mehrotra

Harsh Mehrotra is a young aspiring solo artist from lucknow. He is a Vocalist,guitarist, songwriter and percussionist. He Iikes to experiment with all genres .

Street Jammers

Their love for performances is only overshadowed by their passion for music. The genesis of their name is proof of this philosophy. Before they landed their first performance stage in Chandigarh, they would often get together as a collective and played their music in public spaces just to entertain people who had a love for music. Street Jammers is a Chandigarh based Sufi rock band who have performed on various stages in India.

Hussain Nizami Brothers

Hussain Nizami brother's Aarfeen Hussain Kashif Hussain, they promote Sufi and Cultural based Qawwali which belongs to Hazrat Ameer Khusroof. They are based out in the capital city Delhi, have performed over hundreds gigs till date. They play Indian Classical , Sufi, folk, Qawalli.


Imzaa, The Trio Band, gives out a unique mixture of Sufi, Punjabi and Bollywood tracks. Their tigdam can make you groove to their beats which will make your soul happy and your heart ready to dance on the rhythm. The trio creates that magic in the ambiance which makes the wide audience feel connected with them instantly.

Swar - A soul of music

"Swar" is a band based in New Delhi. "Swar" always trying to do something unique with their style while playing music on stage. The members live songs and merely play them, focusing on every note as every word has a story to tell.

Tathagat Suryavanshi

Tathagat is a developing artist from Noida, he is a vocalist and guitarist by profession but he has good hands on percussions as well.

The Divine Strings

TDS follows various genres like Classic Rock, Classic Metal, Hard Rock, Blues Rock etc. They play popular covers and also have some originals to their credit. With all its 5 members coming from different states of India, The Divine Strings is truly a people's band. Inspired by the Rock & Blues culture, the band was formed with a vision to create an impact to keep Rock & Blues music alive.

Indian Cellist

A complete package when it comes to music; a cellist, guitarist, singer, and a composer – Sangh is a one-man army that makes his LIVE performances mesmerizing! "Sangh" is a delhi based Cellist, who has formed his own band as Indian Cellist full of talented individuals. He has been playing in the city and outstation for a long time now. Music is his only passion, which continues to grow.

Jazba E Junoon

The Band isn't stick to any particular genre. It generally plays the songs which falls in the category of rock. Apart from it, the band loves to experiment with the sound and always try to come up with originality. Jazba E Junoon encompasses hybrid styles of exquisite melodies and everlasting rock instrumentation, hence carving out a special sound and considering their music as a labor of love as well as a message of hope to all.

The Prophets of Rock

The Prophets of rock is an Alternative rock band who covers the genres like pop, blues and Bollywood too. The Band is formed by Winston Balman an artist, who came into the music scene way back in 2003, while at school in Dehradun. Each members of the band have their own processional abilities and they can make you bound to their music if they are live.

The Syndicate Goa

The Syndicate Goa is a band of highly experienced musicians covering every genres from Jazz standards, retro, New age, Bollywood! The energy on stage is to be experienced 'LIVE' as a video would not do full justice.

Ved Band

VED is a 6-pc Hindi Rock band from New Delhi. Focused on creating Original music and covering up Bollywood/Indie Tracks in our own Progression for the love of audience.

Keerati Ballabh Dev Pathak

Amazing texture and versatility to satisfy every kind of crowd makes Keerati unique; he can perform different genres of music! Keerati Ballabh Dev Pathak is an Indian classical vocalist (musician and vocalist). He has been performing since he was four years old and has won many prestigious awards on national level. He was part of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2009-10. He has lent his voice for Bollywood as well. Graduating from Kirorimal College, he was part of music society called MUSOC, where he performed and won numerous competitions.

Mahfooz Band

"Mahfooz band" formed in year 2016, plays alternative Sufi rock music. We are Delhi based band known for alternative Sufi rock music. "Mahfooz" means to save. Music has always been an important part of their life. Mahfooz band has performed at various sites and gave there best shots which was appreciated greatly by the audience.

Vikrant Puri

Vikrant Puri is a Keyboardist who works as a freelancer artist. Vikrant is awesome with his vocals too. Having done hundreds of gigs in past and performing at many stages around the country, he has now several years of expirience to roll any audience.

Winston Balman

Winston Balman, as an artist, came into being way back in 2003, while at school in Dehradun; it was then that he found his calling! He realized that he wanted to devote his life to music. One can often hear him say this with a smile, "If I wasn't doing this, I would have been doing nothing." There is an intensity about his music, which makes you want to go once more.

Mohit Khanna

Mohit Khanna is a professional singer based in the capital city New Delhi. He has been awarded for his many achievements. He has been awarded Delhi Ratan in 2012 also won National singing Talent Hunt 2010 Delhi, also recieved Best rafi singer award , Best singer in numaish Aligarh Award and many more.

Mukul Jiwnani

The acoustic guitars, crazy ideas, and a passion for music define Mukul. Starting off in the school as band member of the school band, he developed an amazing sync with his guitars and vocals, that was difficult to find in our other endeavors.


The strongest aspect of the music that Nigambodh plays has been its lyrics in Hindi that rely heavily on spiritual, classical Indian texts in order to churn out pieces of songs that speak of existential and psychological dilemmas faced by the youth today. The root of their music lies in their ability to transcend genres and appeal to both, the posh and the local, the young and the old.

Nupur Mehta

Nupur Mehta is a singer and lead vocalist of the band Strings Theory based in Delhi, NCR. Her vocals defines her passion for Music.


Peprico is a Delhi based fusion rock band formed in Feb, 2014. They are a five piece band who play the genres like Bollywood, Fusion, Rock. Passion, fervor and energy are some words that describe them.

Raenit Singh

Raenit Singh is an emerging singer/song writer from Delhi. He is the lead vocalist of the band Sarvgya and is performing since his childhood & aspires to become a recording artist and entertainer.

Pawandeep Raajan

Pawandeep, under the guidance of Shaan, is the winner of the singing reality show, The Voice India. Pawandeep Rajan Singh is a professional singer based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai. Originally from Uttrakhand, Pawandeep, under the guidance of Shaan, is the winner of the singing reality show, The Voice India. This win helped his relocate to Mumbai to learn singing and start a career in Bollywood.

Quarter Black

Quarter Black is a Band Of Young Adult following their passion since 2013. They have played over hundreds of Gigs ever since. They perform the genres like: Pop, Rock, Goan music, Bollywood, Blues.

Rahul Bohra

Rahul Bohra is a very much talented young singer and guitarist of the band Swar-A soul of music based in the capital city New Delhi. He is a fine talent who plays the genres like Bollywood, Sufi, Punjabi, etc.

Rhythm & Blues

Rhythm & Blues are a professional 6 piece band from Goa. Standing out as one of the most versatile bands with an amazing repertoire to entertain any audience.

Sharvil Singh

Sharvil is an extremely talented guitarist from Delhi whose brilliant guitar riffs have always left the crowd amazed. He is a very dedicated guitarist hailing from Delhi/NCR. He is a brilliant guitarist who is currently persuing graduation beside playing as a professional. He covers all kinds of genres while he performs and plays for bands that perform in both Hindi and English.

Simple Truth

Simple truth is a versatile band that is well-known amongst the young college enthusiasts who are aspiring to make their careers in the music field. They are diligently promoting their brand by making provisions for college fests, farewell parties, and fresher’s parties. They are playing enthusing music that is loved by people of all age groups.

Sound Valley Projekt

Sound Valley Projekt is a collaboration of different genres coming together to create something unique. Musicians of different background and different influences have come together to recreate what we call punjabi folk/sufi music and rag based songs. They are a Delhi based band who plays the genres like bollywood, sufi, rock.

Ssameer & Qasbah

He came, he sung, he conquered! That has been the journey of the latest singing sensation – Ssameer! Or one could say – ‘Miles to go before I sleep!’ as the Talisman for the popular Indian musician, Ssameer! Now Ssameer and his Band Qasbaah is entertaing the audience around the country.

Supranshu Khanna

A Lead Vocalist n' an acoustic guitarist of Fitoor The Band believing in creating n' presenting best music to its lovely fans ! He is Delhi based artist who cover the genres like sufi, bollywood.


The name has been derived from a Devnagari word - तरकश, meaning Basket/Container of the Arrows(tir) used by the warriors. They are a multi genre band based out of the capital city Delhi, loves to entertain the masses.

The Dark Chords

Both came together to run a Acoustic Project by the name 'TheDarkChords' and started spreading music out into the world. Though they all come from totally different musical backgrounds, their talent when combined is winning so many hearts!

The Mocking Tree

The Mocking Tree is a four piece band based in the capital city New Delhi and plays the genres like Blues, Rock. Mocking Tree is known for blending elements from different genres of music with major focus on blues rock.

The Stings

Stings formed in june 2014 is a progressive metal rock band from Kanpur, Uttar pradesh, India.. The bands follow various genres like Sufi, soft rock, etc. Their lead vocalist has basically the sufi genre which help them to win many battle of band tournaments including the colleges like IITs.

Vaibhav Bhutani

Vaibhav is the lead vocalist, guitarist and music composer of the band Ioish. He is a talented musician who loves to entertain the crowd.

Vikas Drupad

Vikas Drupad is the lead vocalist of the band Jai Ho The Band and the duo project formed by him A V Brothers. He is a Delhi based artist who has been learining music sice his childhood days and now performing at various levels. He has been doing gigs for several years reaching his tally over 100.


Indian born DJ/Producer VYSE makes electronic house music. However, music was not the beginning for VYSE - he excelled in Maths and Science throughout school and went on to successfully train as a Mechanical Engineer. Despite having various lucrative career paths ahead of him, it was music VYSE chose to pursue. He studied the art of DJ’ing and has already played at some of the renowned clubs venues of his hometown, Chandigarh. He has been the resident Dj for Hippodrome, Park Plaza Chandigarh, Peddlers Sector 35 and now is the resident Dj for F bar Chandigarh.


A fusion Indian Rock Band playing Sufi and Punjabi folk with a unique approach to music and melodies. ZIKrr which means to mention promises to stir up emotions hidden deep within surfacing then into a beautiful memory.The softness of the voice,the magic of the drums and the enchantment of the guitars will ZIKrr into your hearts the beauty of music.

Rakshit Sablani

Rakshit is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Rock Rhythm, one can feel his soothing vocals while listening to him live.

Rishabh Seen

Creating history on many fronts, Rishabh Seen has not only established himself as one of the best and most interesting Sitar players of the modern era, but also a very forward thinking musician and composer. At his current age of 20, Rishabh has become the world's first Sitar player to be endorsed by an Amplifier brand - Laney Amplifications. He is the first ever 'METAL' Sitar player to play and write Metal Music.

Rooh The Band

Rooh is a commercial band based in Delhi who specialize in various genres such as Bollywood, Sufi, Punjabi and Western music. Each and every member of this band comes from different walks of life but they resonate as one with their creative energies . As their name suggests, their passion for this art form enables them to create music that connects to the 'ROOH' or soul . So join them to feel that rhythm, let loose and finally put all dance moves to use!

Sagarika Bose

Sagarika is an upcoming vocalist belongs from the city Lucknow, currently she is persueing her graduation and entertaining the audiences by her vocals in Delhi. She is a fine vocalist who performs the genres like Sufi, Bollywood, Hindi.

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

"Sanjeeta Bhattacharya is a vocalist based in New Delhi, India, who graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston. Sanjeeta began her journey in music learning Hindustani Classical while simultaneously exploring the world of jazz, RnB, latin music and flamenco. She won numerous state and national level inter school western music competitions as a solo performer nowadays rocking the masses with her band. She has performed at various venues in India, Boston and Spain including Boston Symphony Hall alongside A.R. Rahman."

Shadaj The Band

The word Shadaj means SAA in music,which is the beginning, the mother of Indian Music. Literally too Shadaj means the one which gives birth to the other six notes. Just like the name, their music is not confined to any particular genre, rather their music gives birth to a New and unique Genre which is fusion but a multi dimentional one. They are more or less influenced by the Indian classical music. They are a New Delhi based band.

Rock Rhythm

Rock Rhythm is a Delhi-based band that represents Bollywood rock music with a twist. The voice, drums and the enchantment of the guitars will rock your soul and will make you dance. The band comprises of professional artists who not just merely play any peppy numbers, but also focus on every musical notes as well as every word that is being sung has its own story to tell.

Ruhaan The Band

The bunch of young musicians performing in the genre of Indian fusion. The band music originates from the soul and reaches deep into the soul, truly justifying the name of the band "Ruhaan". They are a New Delhi based band influced by the artists like Indian Ocean, Amit Trivedi, Arijit Singh, etc.

Samay The Band

Samay- the name itself denotes an eternal entity. And that is exactly what the members wish to achieve through out music. An impression that stays forever.. the best they can say about theirselves is that they wish their music becomes their identity. !! they are a delhi based group of musicians who bring along their experience from various arrays of music ranging from classical to sufi, from jazz to rock. and try to create a mix of all these beautiful forms along with popular genres like bollywood, indie-pop, indie-rock etc.

Sergulathic Image

Sergulathic Image is a Chandigarh based Progressive|Djentcore|Experi-Metal band. They are a popular Chandigarh-based LIVE band consisting of four members. They have performed all over India and have also won many awards for their mind-blowing performances.

Shubhank Sharma

Shubhank Sharma, a prodigal talent versed in music that meanders straight from the heart of the pastoral mystique the array of peaks and valleys emanate in the idyllic heights of Himachal Pradesh, has only one burning desire etched in his heart – to reach out to the world with his original blend of folk-inspired music and heartfelt lyrics.


Solfege is a Delhi Based experimental rock band driven by their Love for music and a mutual longing to do something different. The band consists of 5 main members, name Abhimanyu Bhola, Akhil Sindhwani, Pratik Khati, Saman Ashang & Tone Huidrom.

Square One

Soaham, who had been wanting to get into the music scene of Delhi after having rocked the music scenes of Kolkata and Hyderabad, became an integral part of all the projects. Soham was associated with; which includes bands like You-turn and The Straight Outs. Square One is their own little project where the raw nature of their musical sensibilities is preserved.

Sumit Chhonkar

Sumit is a budding musician from Mathura, India. He is a good singer and guitarist. His musical journey pan across over so many stage shows as solo acts.

Tantra Percussionist

Tantra is a duo project formed by Delhi Based DJ & Percussionist by profession, possess plenty of instrument knowledge Tabla, Bhangra, Dhol, Drum - Set, Clap Box, Darbuka, Butterflies, Tambour

The Burnheads

The Burnheads is a delhi based metal/hard rock band which are the upcoming sensation in the music industry. Their music is one that keeps you electrified during their awesome stage act.

The Khirki Village

The concept of The Khirki Village is to play new, refreshing, soothing, and soulful music. Khirki Village is a LIVE band based out of the capital of India, New Delhi. The duo consists of Ashish Joshi and Sunil Rai. Ashish plays the guitar and provides the backing vocals, while Sunil Rai, the lead vocalist, plays the ukulele.

The Runks

The Runks is a multi genre band consisting 4 memebers. They Perform all genre and Believe in giving the best music possible with a touch of the Runk magic. They perform to make sure your time with them memorable and rocking.


Trinetra is a group of very talented artists that consists of 4 members. The band is very versatile depending on the kind of set up requirements of the event. Based in New Delhi, the band plays various genres including Bollywood, Indie, Fusion, Rock, Pop.

Vidhu Chawala

Vidhu is a talanted vocalist based out of the capital city New Delhi. He is also the lead vocalist of the sufi rock band Indie Trigg and loves to play the genres like rock, fusion.

Vipin Sagar

Vipin is one of the most versatile and experienced artists in the capital, who has done all kinds of shows from cafes and pubs to big fests, private events. He has an experience of over seven years as a percussionist.


You-Turn started in 2012 when a group of students from Delhi University decided to play music together. They were making mark individually yes, but thought of collaborating with a larger vision of creating and playing blues/rock 'n roll music. A good idea. So they took it forward to something seriously cool.

Innayat The Band

Innayat is Alternative Fusion Rock band based in New Delhi, India. The simple definition of Innayat Is Kindness. They live to entertain the masses trough their music.

Joy The Band

JOY is a Chandigarh based pop band formed by two girls. A common love for music exists between all of them. The members wish to create something different and unique . English is their forté and their songs based on th genres like pop .rock.acoustic versions.

Lost Icons

With their aggressive music and energetic live performances, Lost Icons have made their way to the top of India's independent music scene. Following the footsteps of some of the legendary punk rock bands of all times like The Ramones and Green Day they are starting a revolution with their punk music


Members playing Blues-Rock and consisting of guitars, vocals and drums... A jam room, guitar, drums and two people with a few stories to tell... Formed in 2014, the band has never looked back since then.. With every act and solo release, we have shown the various promising possibilities in the field of blues and rock music.

Mukul & Alankrita

Mukul & Alankrita is the duo whom you cann't skip listning. Alankrita is the lead vocalist who graduated from The Trinity school of music. One will surely feel goosebumps while listening to them live.

Nalayak the band

Nalayak is a 4 piece indie rock band from chandigarh. Known for their explosive live acts and pumping music. They are now considered to be the genre defining new era of indie rock.

Siddharth Arora

Sidharth and his band is a Bollywood/Sufi band who hold the crowd with their husky deep voice & witty jokes. Join them to enter a new world of music.

Souls Reign

The band, basically come from the beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh with a little blend of Orissa and Nagaland. The band's music is somehow inspired from the folk Indian music. They are a Hindi fusion band and you can observe the blend of Indian classical, blues and metal music in us. Their music is experimental and you will wait for what comes next.


He came, he sung, he conquered! That has been the journey of the latest singing sensation – Ssameer! Or one could say – ‘Miles to go before I sleep!’ as the Talisman for the popular Indian musician, Ssameer! Now Ssameer and his Band Qasbaah is entertaing the audience around the country.

Sumit Sadawarthi

Sumit is a jazz and blues singer/songwriter from India. He recently spoke and performed at TEDxGateway 2016 at The National Center for the Performing Arts in Mumbai. He has been featured on digit.in, free press journal and in the Verve Magazine, in the article, ‘The Making of Modern Day Icons.’

Taran Gill

Taran''s journey into electronic music started in 2013 when he began creating electronic music with two of his friends! Hailing from New Delhi, Taran is an electro and deep house DJ/producer. He learnt producing and DJing on analogue consoles and boot camped with DJ KRN. With a sound knowledge of music and DJing, he performed at major clubs and college fests.

The CopyCats

A state of the art polymorphic tribute band from New Delhi, comprising of some of the best session musicians of New Delhi. The members have performed some of the most authentic tribute shows in the past, including tributes to Bryan Adams, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Maroon 5, RHCP, etc.

The Local Train

The Local Train is an independent rock band known for their hit singles and edgy music videos. With an explosive live act in their arsenal they have performed at some of the most prestigious stages across the country. They are now considered to be the genre defining new face of hindi rock.

The Sparkles - Instrumental Band

The Sparkles is an Instrumental band based out of Delhi, eachand every band member's skills are at par with some of the best in the country; they understand the audience and can capture the feel of the event with their music. They all are professionals instrumentalist based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi.They have been performing for more than ten years now and have played at various stages.

Utkarsh Srivastava

Utkarsh srivastava is a percussive, fingerstyle guitar player. He is an awesome Guitar player and a vocalist too. He experiments with genres hitting the usually untouched parts of the guitar producing distinct sounds.

Vidyutt Band

Vidyutt is an alternative sufi/experimental rock band from Delhi/NCR. They have already entertained many colleges like G-Quasar Zealicon, Search Party Weekender (New Year Eve) Rishikesh & featured as Headliner Band in JSS Noida. With their different style, they can make your world go boom!


Vrinda is a New Delhi based music band group. They perform live in Events/Wedding/Restaurant/Bar/Hotels. They are polymorphic fusion band comprising of some of the best versatile musicians from new Delhi, they perform different genres like sufi, classical, worldmusic.


Zal is a Delhi, NCR based band. They are the beat and the music makers, have pioneered a new combination of Bollywood with western blues and jazz music . They have studied and researched on Hindustani classical music and western rock music..

Not Just Jazz

Music is the thread that ties the souls of the band members of Not Just Jazz. December 201, they decided to follow thei souls calling and started the band, which has become their life now. In the short time they have performed at more than 50 venues and events in Delhi and NCR.

Paritosh & Shaashwat

Paritosh & Shashwat is a duo musicians based in the capital city New Delhi and cover genres like bollywood and westen. They work on Indian and Western genres and have composed their own compositions. Interested in live performances and shows as well as collaborations for O.C's.

Qissa - The Band

"Qissa" is a Fusion/Rock Band from the Beautiful City, Chandigarh.They are a band who performs the genres like soft rock, fusion, folk and sufi.

Raghav Zaroon

Raghav and his band ZAROON is a New Delhi based band, performing the genres like Sufi, Rock and Bollywood from 2013 in the capital city. They are home grown musicians, who turned his passion into his profession.


They understood that they have same kind of music taste in-spite of listening to different genre. Since then they are playing together. Revolution21, believe in making music which connect them to their listeners and could relate them to our music and feel the same.

Rizwan Khan

Rizwan Khan is a fine vocalist and the lead vocalist of Mausiqaar the band who loves to cover the genres like sufi and bollywood.

Rudraksh The Sufi Rock Band

Rudraksh is a Sufi Rock Band based in Pune. However, they rock out all over the nation, and are also open to international tours. They mostly create original compositions and covers of all the legends of the Sufi genre.

Samanvay Music

Samanvay is a self taught vocalist, guitarist and acoustic percussionist. Hugely inspired by Grammy Winning Artist, Ed Sheeran, Acoustic Pop is one of his strong genres. He has been a vital part of many projects from different genres, ranging from Pop, Rock, Metal and Fusion.

Saurabh & Shubham project.

Saurabh and Shubham are a professional duo percussionist based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. They has an uncanny ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary with their musical prowess. A mystical aura surrounds them when they amalgamates Indian and Western beats to generate surreal and soothing music. They are adept at mixing electronic music, dubstep, jazz, house, hip-hop, psychedelic, trance, country, retro, techno, reggae, break beat, downtempo, and ambient with electronic dhol, electronic tabla, mridangam, pakhawaj, djembe, dufli,etc.


From soulful ‘sufi’ to bombastic ‘Bollywood’ … from raunchy ‘retro’ to rusty ‘Rock’, when it comes to playing interesting music with a twist, Shivamnswar will enthrall you with their versatility in music. They are a Delhi based trio band who loves to cover the sufi genre.


Slides is a rock band formed by Akash Yadav and Abhinav Jha. The band consists of three more members namely Anshul Kaushik, Sonam Singh Jadon and Jaspal Singh Rana. The band covers Bollywood Rock, Hindi Classical, Sufi Rock, Western Pop and Western Rock genres.

Spinnin vibezz

There is a reason for the connection between the two DJs – it is their passion and love of music; they plan to take over the industry with their unique sound. Spinnin Vibezz is a professional DJ duo based out of the capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad. It is a venture of Naveen Singh and Arun Singh. They are currently based in Hyderabad but have played almost all over India. The duo is famous for its unique remixes and tracks that can keep the crowds on their feet, the entire night.

Suboni Brothers

Suboni Brothers is the dynamic duo of DJ Nikhil and percussionist Bobby Pathak. Their repertoire consists of Bollywood classics, popular commercial Sufi numbers fused with electronic dance music that brings about another dimension to their music.

SwarBhoomi Band

SwarBhoomi incepted with music enthusiasts who together potray immense passion & love for music. Its basically a Multi-genre Band from Delhi.

The Band Catalyst

Catalyst is a band that is released in december 2011.It's a group of young professionals who are passionate about modern rock,heavy metal and fusion. They are based out of the capital city New Delhi.

The Joint Family

Its All about rock to them. A college band which came into extistence in 2014 is now taking greaternoida under its charm. Band majorly plays rock songs with a pich of retro masala.

The Rewind

THE REWIND is a 4 piece band formed by 2 friends Ujjwal Gogia & Rohit Chauhan in 2017 The idea of the band was first incorporated in April 2017. Ujjwal Gogia on Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar, Rohit Chauhan on Lead Guitar/ Backing vocals, Dave Cin No on Bass Guitar, Keshav Chopra on Drums. THE REWIND plays a variety of Genres from Bollywood commercial to Hard Rock. They are also working on our compositions to provide original content for all.

The Third World

Grunge finds its home in a Delhi back alley where 4 otherwise normal looking humans tread the unexplored realm to bring the subliminal rock genre to fore. The Third world is a western rock band based in New Delhi.

Vicky kc Band

Vicky kc, is a trained and rising young artist who is just fond of music. He started singing and learning music at a very young age. His versatility and voice quality make him different from others.

Vinayak Sharma

Vinayak is a singer, guitarist and a drummer by profession. He has been associated with many popular bands in the past like Destination and Revolution 21.

Within Ceres

Within Ceres is a goan band based in the streets of Vasco D Gama. They are a six piece band who covers the geners like metal, deep metal and progressive metal songs and defined by their awesome stage performances.
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